Monday, 25 January 2016

Brecon and Monmouth canal

We have been away for a week but before we went I did the above painting of the Brecon and Monmouth Canal. I started loosely with a brush full of turps and light grey (ultramarine, burnt umber and white) to mark out some sort of boundaries. Note I have already decided on the darkest values.

Then it was a matter of building up the painting and refining the boundaries adding detail.

We had a nice time away walking nine or ten miles a day. I didn't do any painting but noted a few subjects I may return to.  We had one harsh moment. The camper van door swung shut while we were outside. The deadlock jumped and locked the door. Jac was stuck inside but was no use ! Fortunately we had a spare key. Unfortunately it was in my pocket hanging up inside. Anyway after 5 minutes we figured how to get in without causing any damage.
On the way home a tipper lorry decided to throw a rock off its load on the motorway. It bounced and hit our front valance cracking it. Could have been a lot worse.

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