Sunday, 17 January 2016

Gower Sunrise first stages

It's been a while since I could get into my studio with furniture and paintings piled in there as we had the builder in. I have been out a couple of times this year but I have now got my studio clear and started on a couple of studio works. For this painting I grabbed a largish brush (10 flat) and dived straight in to the work. I had a good idea of how I wanted it to look and how to get there. Its not a good idea to experiment or think about this half way through an oil  painting. You can end up with mud.

I worked  my way down avoiding any mix of yellow and blue for obvious reasons (green is not great for a sunrise sky). I kept with my one brush but keeping it absolutely clean for colour changes. I will post the finished work tomorrow.

Alex has been out to the January sales and came back very proud of a new collection of cushions for the lounge. To be fair the old ones were pretty tatty.  She then went out to see her mom. I finished painting and went in to the lounge and immediately fell about laughing, Jac had gathered all the new cushions and made himself comfortable on top of them, like a bird in a nest. He was obviously very pleased with the purchase. I quickly replaced them all before Alex got home!

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