Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Vintage Fordson Tractor

Truth be told I am not sure why I have posted this painting of a vintage Fordson Tractor. I just stopped when I got to it. It was a commission a few years ago. It was a bit complicated as I had to put together the tractor the premises and the driver with a hen in one painting. I didn't have a photograph of it all to work from. Additionally the driver couldn't know as it was a surprise.
Anyway it went okay, as long as you do these things confidently you have a pretty good chance of it pulling together and not looking like some sort of bad jigsaw.

Its nearly Christmas. It used to be that a car was your second biggest purchase in your life. Considering we bought an 1100 for £15 and we rescued a Morris Minor Pick up from a field being used as a hen house that may say something. Christmas may now be the second biggest purchase! Time was when "A pair of Hopalong Boots and a Pistol That shoots," was all Barney and Ben wanted. Now its tablets, games and many other things that leave me bemused and wondering how I was happy with a homemade catapult, penknife and bag of marbles.

Oh well lets hope there is a program on TV for me I can sit in front of it with a pint. Maybe, Bob Hope and Bing on the Road to somewhere, or the Marx Borthers, Eric and Ernie, or Only Fools and Horses. Vintage Stuff.

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