Thursday, 17 December 2015

I'm Going to build an Arc

Ok thats it I am officially going to build an Arc. I don't mind rain but I think right now I have had enough! I have to decide what I am going to save of course and that is the fun bit really.

Well there would be no need for mobile phones. Yes a result!

NO computer games again another result. Whats wrong with a catapult, marbles and a pen knife for the grandchildren. Yes it will have to have a large soundproof play room!

It will have to have a library with plenty of books including my favourite book,

"Land Beyond the Ridge: Reminiscences of Sixty Odd Years of the Finest Hobby Man Can Have, Motor Cycling."

A good food store and kitchen with a good supply of wine!!

Will I need paints? Will there be a market for paintings after the flood? Well at least some paper adn pencils then!

Animals well of course two of everything.

People, well now comes the tricky bit. Of course the family and friends. After that well maybe its easier to say who would have to learn to swim. No Politicians, goes without saying. No bigots, or preachers of hate (getting a bit serious now).  So maybe I'll leave it to you to think about who would be welcome after the flood.

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