Friday, 4 December 2015

A dog is a joyful thing..

A dog is really a joyful thing designed to make you smile and exercise. Jac is a great companion. I walk a lot. If I didn't have a dog would I be up and tramping across fields at first light? If I was doing that without a dog most people would question my sanity but with a dog its different. There are no excuses, no lie-ins, no just five more minutes, no its time to go, and he knows it. In rain, sleet, in light or darkness no matter off we go.

I get my thinking time done on the first walk of the day. What are my plans? What order am I doing them? What painting am I doing and  how will I paint it? Time passes quickly and I rarely note the steep climb up through the woods and fields (unless I slip in the mud!). The walk back down I open my eyes and take in the views and sounds of the Valley waking up. Then home, dry jac off and then its time for breakfast.

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