Thursday, 24 December 2015

Happy Christmas - I think I may have got away with it!

Well here it is Happy Christmas to all. I think I nearly got away with it. Alex left me to order new blinds for the house. The old vertical blinds in the kitchen were pretty dirty as Jac sleeps by the looking out the window.

I measured the slats and counted them having taken down the old ones. I the confirmed an order online. Great all went well and the slats arrived today. I went to replace them on the rail but found I was 5 short. When I had counted them I had counted the number of blinds hanging  on the rail where I had left it propped up in the corner but had missed the fact that 5 had slipped off the rail on the floor. Consequently I was five short!

I put up the new ones and chose the five best old ones to accompany them.

Alex came in and said, " Ah the new blinds have come. What happened there?" Pointing to an old blind.
"Ah, I think Jac splashed it when we came back from a walk." I responded crossing my fingers.
"Well it will always get a bit dirty." she said.

I think I may have got away with it!! Do you?

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