Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Goosey Goosey Gander

This is the first year we haven't had geese  on the reservoir. I don't know why we aren't on their visiting list. Is it a decline in numbers? We see a lot less of garden and migrating birds than I used to as a child We always used to have house martins nest in the road and on our house in particular but they stopped coming about 8 years ago. All part of the expansion of mankind and climate change I guess.

(Apparently the old nursery rhyme dates back to the 16th century and the hunt for catholic priests who were executed by having their legs tied  and thrown down stairs. A "goose" was the name for a lady of the night).

Anyway we do have a bird table and a good number of visitors which keeps us and Jac happy watching through the window.

Today we are grandchild sitting so although I primed three boards yesterday I may not get a chance to start them. One commission is being picked up today.

 Yesterday Alex was on line submitting an application for her mother. She was entering the details and was reading out the questions to her mother.

Alex, "What is your date of birth?"
Her mother replied ( I won't say her age but its only two digits).
Alex,"What town were you born in ?"
Mom,"Why do they want to know that?"
Alex puzzled."Its a standard question."
Mom,"I don't know. Its ridiculous."
Alex still puzzled,"What town were you born in?"
Mom, "Oh, I thought you said what time was I born."

To cap it all the final page froze and she lost it all and Alex gave up.

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