Saturday, 1 August 2015

A day out at the seaside

Yesterday Alex and I decided to take time out and go to Pembrey for a relaxing day. We arrived at 10 am and walked Jac on the beach. Is there any time that this place isn't spectacular? I would be happy just painting Cefn Sidan every day. The sea, reflections, birds a big sky - painters heaven.

Anyway we took the camper van to a parking area which was a huge grassed field. There were a few cars in it and we decided to go to the far side by ourselves. We got out the deck chairs and I made salad lunch. Well we must have had our social magnet on because the next thing a car comes into the near empty field and parks 6ft from us.

"I don't believe it!"

The family got out and the two children start playing football. Now I have nothing against children I was a child myself a long time ago but  I could see where this was going to end up. There was a whole field and the two boys were playing football next to our van. Alex was gripping the edge of her chair and when the inevitable happened and the ball hit our van I grabbed the cutlery while she jumped up and said,

"Hey Pal can you go and play that somewhere else?"

She then gave the two parents the look, "Would you like to contribute to this conversation?"
No they didn't, quite wise I thought.

A short time later another car decided to join us happy band of campers and parked next to us on the other side. At this point we decided to say goodbye to their new found friends pack up and find another spot free from National Lampoons Vacation. (I expect they thought,"Goodbye Victor and Margaret!").

I can add that we found a nice empty car park and were undisturbed for the rest of the afternoon.

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