Saturday, 29 August 2015

Dreadlock Holiday

Its been a busy year for us with not too much us time. I have been flat out and that means Alex
has as well. Life is a balance and we are going to  have a quiet couple of weeks at home so probably no painting or blogs (okay I might do a bit of sketching).

Carmarthen was in chaos yesterday heavy traffic at the two main roundabouts backed up to make going anywhere tedious. Of course many people live with this sort of thing fortunately I am not use to it. Anyway the misquote of the day from Alex on the phone to our son:

"The traffic is awful the whole town is dread locked."

I blame Bob Marley. We both love reggae. So what's the link? Plenty to choose from, "The Isrealites", "Liquidator", but I go for Dave and Ansil Collins .

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