Monday, 10 August 2015


Alex came in to the studio looked at me and said,"Can you see through those glasses?"
To be fair when I took them off there was a fair collection of paint on them. Anyway The above is the start of a commission for a still life. The beauty of this is you don't even need fruit to paint it just a few outlines from made up from your head and layed out with turps and sienna and your ready start blocking in. 

I am doing this in one go "alla prima" in a Victorian style influenced by painters like the Clare brothers albeit they were not as loose as I am going to be in doing this. You can see I am using big strokes and a couple of hogs hair brushes. I don't want to go over the fruit too much or you loose the freshness. So a couple of colours lightly blended will do it. (Hopefully!). 

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