Monday, 2 March 2015

High Tide Llansteffan

I finished this painting at the weekend. The tide is exceptionally high but we have seen it like this. IN fact we sailed out of the estuary on one of the highest tides of the last decade. On another occasion we stood and watched a good friend of ours sail in over Carmarthen Bar on a huge tide as he returned to Carmarthen. He is no longer with us but was a great inspiration and enjoyed life to the full despite some serious medical issues. 

Anyway the painting itself is quite straight forward showing those elements of space and tranquillity. That is about as much as I will interpret a painting. I leave it to others to delve into the usual psychobabble of justifying a painting. It is what it is.

My eldest daughter is learning to play the piano as is her 5 year old son. The other day she had a visit from her mother and father in law. After lunch our daughter and grandson were in one room and the grandparents in another. My daughter started playing the piano when she heard her mother in law say,
"Come on Philip our grandson is trying to play the piano lets go watch."

With that our our mildly embarrassed daughter quickly transferred her son onto the piano stool for the entrance of both grandparents.

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