Saturday, 21 March 2015

Coach house and Forest Arms Brechfa.

I came across this little watercolour the other day that had never been mounted or framed. It shows the old coach house in Brechfa and the Forest Arms Public House.  The coach house has now been converted to a dwelling.

I thought I would post this now before it got lost again or wandered off to the gallery at Nant y Caws (local tip).

This last week has been none stop and in particular for Alex. Yesterday she had to take her mother for an appointment at hospital. They had to wait a good while which wasn't a problem, you expect that but you do expect to be treated with courtesy or a least a modicum of manners. Unfortunately the doctor they saw had forgotten his bedside manners. According to Alex he spoke down to her and her mother throughout and it culminated with Alex did telling him point blank that he was rude. 

Big games today. Wales v Italy...

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