Monday, 16 March 2015

Five Oyster catchers

The above painting is of five Oyster catchers and was sold last week. It is very hectic all around at the present. We had a nice weekend. We had a couple of days away and then met some of the family for mother's day dinner.

I haven't managed to do more to my painting of the Bluestones but hope to get a couple of hours today in between childcare duties and the dentist.

 When I was a boy I chipped my tooth playing rugby. It was only a small knick on my front tooth and was hardly noticeable. Anyway my mother took me to the dentist who took great delight in grinding the tooth down and "fitting" a crown on it. Well even I see the funny side when I look in the mirror. It clearly must have been the first tooth out of the box and bears no relationship to the other front tooth. My current dentist who we have been to for 20 years did ask if I wanted it done properly but to be honest I can't be bothered and I might miss being able to stick my tongue between the gap!!

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