Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Winter Spring or Summer

Spring is late never mind summer but I think it may have arrived . It was a lovely sunny day today. Jac was mental  more like a cat on a hot tin roof. Alex is now into cleaning, everything is sparkling and I mean everything.

We had a visit from Sam Tan, the Fire Brigade who inspected the house and changed a couple of smoke detectors (which were working but were old). A very good service and a good scheme.
I asked them about the scheme and they said we go  around the "elderly" and check for faults and advise on fire safety. Thanks, so I now know what category I am officially in!

I spent most of the day finishing a commission. It isn't exactly how the customer described it but I am pleased and I think she will be too.

 The Link a bit of a tangent but I like it.

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