Monday, 22 April 2013

The Bull

Yes well there he was this morning larger than life in the top field. Mr Bull. Fortunately he was surrounded by cows and there was an electric fence dividing the field. Oh and I was on the good side of it. He is a magnificent beast, its just I don't particularly want to share a field with him. Anyway the painting above has just been put in a frame and seems appropriate.

As I came down the lane I saw again the remains of someone's lunch or evening festivities. There is a pull in on the lane and all sorts of people visit it for, different reasons. They often leave debris behind, as I found today, sausage roll wrapping crisp packets..etc...  How could people do that?  "Eat something tidy!"
So I picked up the rubbish and dropped it in the bin at the bottom of the hill. Annoying but predictable I suppose.

I thought about putting a link of Ghost Riders in the Sky or even Little White Bull but settled for
Gregory Peck and

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