Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Alex and I have had varying numbers of grandchildren for the last couple of days so a bit out on our feet. The kids are pretty good to be fair. Jac has just come in from the garden and returned Alex's slipper. He has obviously buried it somewhere and recovered it full of soil and stones. Life eh!

You know I am pretty lucky avoiding colds and viruses. I didn't have a day off sick during the last 17 years  I was in the Police (other than a week when I was  hospitalized).  I get a cold occasionally maybe once a year although I don't think I have had one for the last couple of years or so.

I do have a strategy for this.

I eat healthily. I walk at least twice a day. I am out in all weathers but getting cold and wet is no problem and you don't catch a cold by being wet. I am fastidious about washing my hands. I don't pick up magazines in the dentists or waiting rooms. I use my own pen. I am not a huggy, kissy type of person and I keep snuffly children at bay with a sharp stick. Not quite Howard Hughes! Anyway it all seems to work .
Hang on is that a tickle in my throat?
No just kidding.

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