Friday, 26 April 2013

All at sea

It is I note time for the yearly dose of insanity that is the Turner Prize nominations. I generally don't take much interest and this year is no exception. So I suppose logically it is unfair to be critical. On a positive note I did see one of the nominations was a painter. Anyway I still cannot come to terms with people being rewarded for coming up with the most obscure or most outrageous idea and calling it art. "You can call a wheelbarrow a Rolls Royce but its still a wheelbarrow." Or maybe not even a wheelbarrow!

Now for me the painting above by Stanhope Forbes is, Art.

Stanhope Forbes trained as an artist first at South Kensington School of art, Lambeth College and then  the Royal Academy under Millais. This sums up why he can paint. All the odd ideas in the world cannot make up for a lack of knowledge and experience. Unfortunately we live in a time of instant everything and people want to be artists in an instant without putting in the ground work. I am afraid in my view rewarding these pretentious ideas merely encourages more of the same and does no great service to the development of Art at all.

Anyway I just put myself back in the dinosaur class! (Not that I ever left it.). As a point of fact the dinosaurs ruled the world for quite a few million years until an unkindly asteroid came visiting.

Speaking of dinosaurs here is my link

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