Sunday, 7 April 2013

Morning Constitutional

The painting above is by a very underated artist, Edward Moreland Lewis. His life was tragically cut short during the Second World War. He was the son of B A  Lewis of Kidwelly and Carmarthen. B. A. Lewis also known as "Lewis the Gas" was  a fine amateur watercolourist. The painting is a view I have done before of Llansteffan from Ferryside beach. E. M Lewis work can still be bought. I believe The Martin Tinney Gallery has a couple.

I had intended to do a painting today but I decided I had to get on with another project that may or may not pay off.

I went for my early morning constitutional up through the woods and across the fields with Jac today. I had got half way around when I caught up with someone else. Now I am probably just selfish but I like to keep my early morning walk to myself. It is a good half hour walk and gives me plenty of time to think things through and plan the day as well as stop to watch a lesser spotted woodpecker or a pair of goldfinches. I tend to find if I walk with someone else they feel the need to talk all the time, generally about things I am not really interested in, if at all. So call me selfish but if I see someone ahead I slow down and let them go on, as was the case this morning. The trouble was they kept stopping and I had to stop as well. It was probably pretty obvious I was trying to avoid them.

I like meeting people going in the opposite direction I can chat and then move on when we have run out of interesting things to say. Okay, I admit it, I guess I am just anti-social.

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