Friday, 1 September 2017

Plein Air Painting of Dryslwyn Castle

Yes I finally got out to do some painting outside. It was a great day for it and I quickly got lost in the work. I went out to Dryslwyn although the Castle is much in evidence the tree and its shadow are the real subject here.

I started by doing a 60 second sketch and then a tonal value sketch 60 second on a piece of scrap primed board. Then I began the painting by putting a wash of burn umber and turps over the board. I then roughed out the shapes and values with burnt umber and ultramarine. I then started building up the painting with paint and medium keeping to mixing four colours and titanium white.

The location was a bit on the road for my liking but I survived and was a happy man at the end of the morning. 

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