Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Dinefwr Castle and White Park Cattle

The painting above is sold and is of Dinefwr Castle and their famous white cattle. The cattle have been associated with Dinefwr since Medieval times and are apparently distinctly different from all other breeds. I just like their long horns and inquisitive faces.

Yesterday I took Jac for his early morning walk and was lost in thought for most of the 25 minutes or so. We got back and I let him in the house and he promptly disappeared to be met with a lot of shouting. I wandered in and noticed a great trail of stinking mud along the floors and walls ending with a happy looking Jac and a not so happy looking Alex.

 I obviously hadn't noticed the state he had got into. 

He was easily remedied with a visit to the hosepipe.

 As for Alex and the house well  I kept a low profile for a while!

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