Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Cefn Sidan Oil Painting

The above painting of "A walk on Cefn Sidan" sold last week. It so happens yesterday I got the long distance view of Cefn Sidan as we took my sister to Saundersfoot for her birthday. It was a beautiful clear day and you could view the whole of Carmarthen Bay out to The Gower and Worms Head, with Cefn Sidan prominent with its sparkling sand.

I am carefully watching a batch of red wine that is fermenting. About 40 plus years ago we used to make our own home brew. Any fruit wine we could get hold of and sometimes beer. We were on a basic very income. We had no carpets, only a rug in the lounge.  A second hand sofa and chair we were given a bed and a table I bought in the auction for £5. We didn't have a fridge, washing machine, freezer, dishwasher (and still don't, only me). We had a second hand black and white TV we rented for £2.40 a month which meant watching all programs through a snowstorm. Anyway enough tears and nostalgia we brewed as that's the only way we could afford to drink.

One day a whole bucket of apple wine exploded in the bathroom. Not really an issue except the stains were impossible to get out and it got into the lights and fused all the electrics. I sorted the electrics and covered the stains with blocker, oil paint you name it but it still came back. As we were in a police house this was a bit of a problem. The police were very strict with houses and inspected your them regularly. When we got married they refused to give us the key to the house until two days before the wedding. Anyway when we were posted on I had to quickly use paint blocker on it the day before inspection. We decided to stop making wine then as to be honest we were drinking too much.

So this is the first batch since the 1970's. Fingers crossed.

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