Thursday, 22 June 2017

A Lucky Escape

The watercolour of a tug was one I did a good while back and never got framed.  

I have never been great at sport although I have always enjoyed participating and watching. There are exceptions. I can't watch golf, tennis, swimming, darts or athletics but love watching rugby and a bit of village cricket. My hand eye co-ordination is probably a bit slow although I did a bit of boxing and karate for a good few years. I have to say there is a good incentive to be quick particularly if like me you don't like being hit.

Anyway the other day we had a lovely afternoon at our sons house and after a good al fresco lunch I sat watching one of the grandchildren kicking his football around.

 Although he is only somewhere around 3? he was very impressive. Anyhow he misjudged a kick and it ran off down drive which is on a steep hill.  I got up and ran/jogged off after it. Fortunately it got stuck in the ditch halfway down.

I perhaps unwisely decided to give it a big kick up the drive and surprisingly it went like a rocket just as the little Gareth Bale came around the corner of the drive running towards me. In a flash I had visions of him being struck in the face, knocked over, crying, repercussions, me in the dog house. 

I watched in stunned silence as the ball flew and curved down towards his face. He ducked down, flicked it on with his head and ran after it! I breathed a sigh of relief and made a note to self not to play football with toddlers.

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