Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A break from it all

We have been away for 10 days in the Cotswolds. It was nice to not watch the TV and avoid all the election stuff. Although we did vote I am fairly luke warm about it all. During my lifetime there have been 15 or so parties in government. During all that time I cannot directly attribute our circumstances to any change in party or government. I have met many politicians they all seem very personable (even the ones you wouldn't touch with a barge pole). Have any of them made any difference at all ?
Probably not. (With of course the negative exception of those that  took us to war in particular Mr Blair and later Mr Cameron who decided to bomb Libya).

Look at the USA when President Obama came to power much was expected of him. That word "change" was the watchword. In reality I fear nothing has changed for the majority of poor in the USA.

I was particularly perturbed at all the negativity anger and hatred that was on social media during the run up to this election. Passion is one thing but personal abuse is another. It was all very disappointing.

There isn't a party that reflects my opinions and beliefs. For what its worth I have quite socialist views on education and social issues with strong opinions on law and defence.

Anyway we were glad to get away from it all to read, walk oh and I did listen to the rugby on the radio!

While we were away a painting of Llansteffan sold but I thought I'd post a painting of the Cotswolds instead.

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