Thursday, 14 July 2016

Nobody said it was easy.

The above painting of sunrise on the Gower went this week. It was actually Port Eynon and I was up pretty early with Jac to catch it. Sunrises can be and this was spectacular. I suppose the essence of painting this is not to overcomplicate it and to blend the colours (and of course avoid green!).

I mentioned I had my piano exam the other day.  I managed a perfect practice before I left for the exam. I was strangely confident and was okay until I sat down.

The piano was obviously made for persons of a smaller stature than me. Perfect for the 7year olds I was competing with I suppose. I couldn't get my legs under the keyboard and when I played the sustain foot pedal I can swear I was lifting the entire piano off the ground with my knee. Anyway thats my excuse. I started badly and managed to maintain that level for the whole exam.

 I can't blame it on anything other than me to be honest and I couldn't have got this far without a very patient teacher. Cheers John.  I suppose I should sum it up by saying ,"Could have, should have done better! Will do next time"

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