Tuesday, 5 July 2016


I suppose its that time of year when people are going off on their holidays, unless they are tied to school holidays under threat of being fined for taking their child out of class for a week or so. We tend ot take the camper van but do get away abroad occasionally although the options seem to be reducing. Venice is a lovely city and we have been a couple of times. The quick impressionistic painting above was quickly undertaken. It is sold.

I am currently working on a commission. It is not straight forward as it involves producing a view that cannot be see! The view is obstructed by house rooves ( this was correct spelling when I went to school) and trees but it can be put together by working out where everything would be if you could magically remove the obstructions. So all is not straight forward and the preliminaries are more complicated that the painting but all very interesting.

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