Thursday, 7 April 2016

Kidwelly Castle

So here is the painting pretty much finished. You can see I have built up layers and added colour to the under painting of the castle and added the rest. Kidwelly Castle on a sunny day.

Alex is not safe to send out shopping she went out to get a couple of things for tea and came back two hours later. She then told me about a man in Tesco telling her about the Wood Conservation Trust or something similar.  I listened to the conversation being re-enacted word for word waiting for the punch line or admission.

"So." I said, "You are going to tell me we have signed up to give £20 a month to a tree hugging charity?"

"Well no actually it wasn't quite that much." Alex coyly replied.

Oh well I suppose it is a good cause!

I heard this morning Merle Haggard has gone to pastures new. I like all sorts of music including this gritty old country man. He had quite an interesting life. He made quite a few good quotes including;

"By the time your close to the answers its nearly all over."

"There's the guy I'd love to be and the guy I am. I'm somewhere in between, in deep water swimming to the other shore."

Link Mere Haggard

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