Monday, 18 April 2016

An Interesting journey

We have just returned from a very nice trip down the Rhine Valley and into Switzerland. The Alps were truly beautiful. Yesterday we travelled home arriving late last night so thanks to Shan for looking after Jac.

The trip home was well different. We got the plane from Zurich without a hitch and landed at Schiphol Amsterdam where we had to change flights. We always feel like the out of towner's when we go there it is so big and busy. Anyway we went to passport control and had to use the new self service machines. I put my passport in but caused a problem as it was apparently meant to be open!
When it went in properly I was lead away by the police being told "My name had caused a hit!"
Anyway after a short time they determined I was not apparently the criminal mastermind (or any kind of mastermind) they were looking for, which was something of a relief.

We later boarded the plane to Cardiff. I was a little put out when the stewardess announced we were on the plane going towards Cardiff. I was hoping we were going all the way! Later we were taxing down the runway when we pulled over and were told there were technical problems. We did however take off a bit late and landed well and good at Cardiff.

After collecting our luggage we went to go through customs. We were then stopped and had to bring our baggage in for a routine check! We had no alcohol or cigarettes and all was eventually fine. The officers were very efficient and polite.

We collected our car and drove home. The roads we virtually empty so it was a quite drive. We eventually passed a parked police car by Port Talbot and he pulled out behind us for a while but eventually went off. An interesting and memorable trip and journey home.

Alex has a commission to frame and I suppose I should cut the grass.

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