Friday, 22 April 2016

Building an oil painting

Now this may look like a childs scribble or the work of an alleged "contemporary genius" straight out of the Saatchi Gallery but it is actually the start of my latest painting. Don't be concerned I have still have my marbles well most of them!

The above is the under painting. The colours in the photo are actually slightly blue but never mind. The underpainting only takes about 10 minutes but is pretty vital to the finished work. The general rule is you start dark and work to the lighter colours when building an oil painting. In this painting I have gone against this to achieve the finished effect I desire.

Anyway I thought it would give you an idea of how the final work is built with layers of paint. The first being as important as the last.  I like the term built as it conveys an idea of how the process is undertaken when using this method. All the work is done without any drawing other than a mental image of how it is going to be when complete.

I will post the finished painting tomorrow.

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