Monday, 7 March 2016

Storey Arms

The above painting was done a few years ago and is sold. It shows a red kite over Storey Arms. When we lived in Brecon we often went up the Beacons. I was also the liaison officer with the Mountain Rescue. I kept reasonably fit and still do a good bit of walking.

Today I have been potching with the tripod for the pochade box. I came to the conclusion the small 1/4" screw on top of the tripod was insufficient to hold the box. I have replaced it with a 3/4" screw which is better but not perfect. I am going to think on it before doing anything else.

Funny how you react to words isn't it? Right now Alex is into anything that starts with GOAT or SPELT so we are having goat milk, goat cheese (I like goat cheese so no problem), goat butter, goat breakfast, goat soap, goat fish you name it. Likewise Spelt pasta, spelt anything but not anything beginning with Glut, no gluten's no gluttony.. Anyway as long as it is food I am content.

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