Friday, 11 March 2016


It was one of those mornings when the sun was low and the light was glinting on the trees as we went for our early morning walk today. The painting above was done later in the year but you get the idea. It is on the footpath around the reservoir and is sold.

We have had a family of starlings visiting the bird table of late. They are one of my favourite birds they are fantastic site when congregating in flight a "murmuration" I think is the correct term. I however remember them in Birmingham town centre as a boy they came in to the town to roost at night and the noise was terrific. Now they have got rid of them all which is a great pity.

Anyway we came home the other day and a starling had got stuck in the bird feeder. It had got the top off and got really stuck with wings feet and head stuck in the grill. We managed to cut it out and it flew off apparently none the worse for its incarceration.

Today I am working on a commission..

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