Monday, 14 March 2016


This is a watercolour I did of Snowdon from Porth Madoc. The painting sold.

We have decided we are going to leave the gallery in Carmarthen. It is a pity in a way as we have been there 17 years +. I would urge any artist or craftsman/lady to consider joining Origin if they wish so market their work in Carmarthen. It has been very good for us.

We just feel we need to reduce our commitments and we are getting sufficient work via the internet.
So we will remove our stock at the end of June but we are contactable via the website or email and have a good amount of work to view. Alex is also stopping doing cards. To be honest they are handmade and we make very little from them, although it is good publicity.

I have had a good day's painting on my current commission. Meanwhile Alex has gone to the dentist!

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