Sunday, 6 March 2016


Yesterday morning I went to Laugharne as I had to get a couple of references for a commission. I took my easel and decided to do a painting as I was down there. I set up in sunshine and despite a strong cold wind I got on well. A bee decided to visit my paints but apart from that no issues.

 I started out with a rough outline painted in grey on a ground of raw sienna and worked from there. The photo of the finished painting is a bit out but the light wasn't great when I took it.

Last night we went to Florentino's in Carmarthen and had a very nice meal. We saw a good number of people we know including a few that had a painting of mine. It was nice to see Alison and Judith who hadn't changed in the thirteen years since I last saw them. We had a good chat with Catrin and then bumped into Liz and Wendell walking home. 

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