Sunday, 22 December 2013

As you make your bed so must you lie on it

The weather is a bit hit and miss at the moment and it seems to insist on drenching me every time I step out of the door with Jac. I suppose Zeus (greek god of rain and the sky) is having a bit of a laugh at our expense. The watercolour above is one I did sometime ago and is of Paxton's Tower in the Towy Valley.

My daughter went to Ikea the other day to buy a new bed for their son. This involved a trip up the M5 to Bristol and was a bit of a pain. Now I know probably everyone had been to Ikea but to tell the truth I haven't (and have no wish to) so I have to rely on what I am told. Anyway my daughter negotiated her way around the maze of the shop/warehouse? and eventually found the bed she was looking for. She had two infants with her and was understanderbly under a bit of pressure. She found an assistant told them what she wanted.

She then asked,"Is everything I need for the bed included?"
"Yes" she was reassured.

She took the flat pack item to the cash out and then loaded the car and went home.
When she finally got home she took the packaging apart but couldn't find the slats for the bed. She rang Ikea and was informed that the slats were not part of the bed and she had to purchase them seperately. She was to put it mildly, none too pleased or even a little annoyed. Packing children in the car she ventured up the M5 again. The cost of the slats was minimal but not including them in the bed components had involved extra mileage, and hastle.

Arriving at Ikea she found the items she wanted and went to the cash desk thoroughly annoyed that she hadn't been told the slats weren't included and very agitated. As luck would have it, one of the children was also agitated and decided to projectile vomit all over the tills and chequeout. My daughter thought this was poetic justice and summed up her feelings eloquently. She smartly collected her receipt and left them to it.

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