Saturday, 28 October 2017

You lose some you win some

Not every painting is a success and the one above was consigned to the waste pile. It was an attempt to paint the City of St. Truro as it passed by. I had been on the engine as a boy so it held some interest for me. I think it went wrong from the beginning the composition is to my mind way out. The loco is too big and the front of the loco is too far to the right .   The canvas is also too square for the picture. Apart from that it was perfect!! Well actually the smoke box door is to detailed and well you get the picture ( pun intended). I did it a good few years ago but that is not an excuse. The main point is to be  objective about your own work and analyise it. If it is all wrong work out why and learn from it.

In the interests of balance here is a reasonable painting of a locomotive going under the rail bridge next to my old house. This is not for sale.

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