Monday, 28 August 2017


This is an old painting of mine showing fishermen cleaning their catch. It was actually at Newquay.

I post this picture as I went into a bespoke fishmonger on the Welsh Borders the other day. The price of their fish was a bit steep but considering where we were that was okay. The choice to be honest was pretty minimal and I thought they were a bit up themselves. The mackerel looked a bit passed it and when I asked for them to turn over the fillets of sea bass for me to look at, they just looked at me. So I had to ask again and then I bought two. They were actually first class despite being farmed.

I compare them to my local Tescos where the choice of fish is excellent, the staff are engaging and quickly gut or fillet the fish for you in seconds.

Today I wanted salmon fillets and asked for any four. He chose four and then I said , "Not that four!"
He looked at me and then burst out laughing. Yes Alex says I have an odd sense of humour.

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