Friday, 4 August 2017

An old dog

I am taking two dogs out a the moment as we are looking after Jac's mom for a few days. She is pictured above. At 14 years she is going very well and is often mistaken for a puppy due to her size.
Personally I think the grey muzzle gives it away.

Yesterday I met up with Chris Williams ( a cabinet maker and expert in furniture restoration) and had a good chat about a mutual friend John Brown.

I did my degree course with John. He was like me a mature student nearly twice the age of the tutors. We were both quite "questioning, sceptical, cynical maybe ?" I guess life does that to you. So when shown a tank of oil and told it was something special and cutting edge we both agreed it was... a tank of oil!

Anyway we both enjoyed the course, which I guess I should point out was a degree course in fine art. John was ( he passed away a couple of years ago ) a real character who had an interesting personal life and an abundance of skills particularly when it came to joinery, boat building furniture and chair making. I had a pleasant hour or so reminiscing and it brought back some good memories.

Today I must do the tax returns!

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