Friday, 18 August 2017

Drawing Trees

Yesterday we had two grandchildren and it was the usual,
"What would you like to do?"
"Do you want to go to the museum?"
"Would you like to go to the beach?"
"I don't like sand!"
"Would you like to go to Pembrey Country Park?"
"Is there sand there?"
"Er Yes"
"I don't like sand!"

So we took them to Aberglasney no arguments. Now to be honest they are really good and well behaved but it is tiring. While Alex took them for an ice cream I got out my sketch book.

I exhibited at Aberglasney for about 9 years running. In the end we found it getting a bit onerous but I digress. I used to go outside and draw or paint. Drawing can be really challenging and a good basis for painting skills. I could happily draw for a couple of hours getting in a lot of detail with just a graphite pencil. I found an image of the one of trees as an example. I sat on the bench outside the front door of the mansion and happily drew this which also opened a good number of conversations.

My general method of drawing and painting is to rough everything out composition wise and then fill in detail until I feel like stopping.

Now today I am in Origin gallery in King Street, Carmarthen. I don't usually steward there but I am stepping in for someone who is under the weather.

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