Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Sunrise over Clee Hill

We recently spent a few days in Ludlow and the skyline was dominated by the view of Clee Hill.
The sun came up behind the hill and gave out some wonderful early morning views. I promised myself I would undertake a painting of it as a reminder, with the mist just starting to clear. So there it is above.
I hold more than a bit of affection for Clee Hill having travelled over it on numerous occasions on our motorbike to visit my parents in Knighton when I was working in Birmingham. My mother also used to teach in the school on Clee Hill for a while.

One day last week during our stay in the camper van I decided to cook Tagliatelle with tomato, black olives, mozzarella and spinach. All went fine despite the lack of space, the sauce was done the tagliatelle was cooked and the wine was open.
I went to drain the tagliatelle and accidently dumped it all in the washing up bowl which was full of suds and crockery. I noted Alex wasn't looking and scooped most of it out and rinsed it before adding it to the sauce.
Did it taste okay? I think so but I had a good mouthful of wine before I got stuck into it.
Did Alex notice ? No.
Did I tell her ?   No.

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