Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Rhossili Bay

The above painting of Rhossili Bay sold this week. A great spot but a bit of a pain in the summer with traffic!

Not much else to report. Jac is still having accupuncture. He has had this since it cured his ACL injury. I am not really into New Age stuff, my wife will testify however one day Jac couldn't put his leg down and the next day he could. Within 3 sessions he fully was cured. We had previously been told he would need a full operation and 6 months rest.
So a monthly visit by our friendly animal accupuncturist is something I have no qualms with (even if Jac is a bit reluctant probably becuse he doesn't like sitting still for long!). She is actually a qualified veterinarian as well.

Lovely morning today. The red kite greeted me as I left the house with Jac and the sky was just changing colour forom its blues and pink. Unseasonably mild so must make the most of it.

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