Friday, 14 October 2016

Slippery Sam

The above pic is for Wynne John  who has a wealth of experience as a motorcyclist. My days are long gone in that respect. 

A while back I posted about how Alex and I had been to the TT in 1976 and watched Percy Tait riding the Triumph Trident production racer "Son of Slippery Sam" so called because of it penchant to leave oil over the back wheel with interesting results. Anyway Percy crashed a couple of miles down the road after this position at Badden Bridge.

The story didn't end there as I was contacted by John the owner of Son of Slippery Sam who has something of a collection and interest in Triumph motorcycles to purchase the picture.I include the link to his blog if you are interested in motorcycles and Triumphs in particular. We had 2 Triumphs over the years a Daytona and a 750 Tiger along with a mixture of British and Japanese models including trials bikes.  Often think it would be nice ..but no I'd only fall off and break an arm or leg.

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