Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Trains and School Days

Occasionally I do something different for a change. I like painting mechanical things engines, steam trains, traction engines plains ships etc and have a reasonable understanding of them so am quite happy to dip into that well at times.

The above painting was sold a couple of years ago and is a reminder of my long ago youth when I used to walk to miles to school passed the Saltley sheds and sidings with steam trains hauling goods. The Black Five was only occasionally used for this at the end of the steam era as I recall.

Anway these scenes would lighten the walk to school. They say school days are the best of your life. I don't know which school that author went to but I can't say they were my best days. I had a good education up to 16yrs when I left but I didn't enjoy much of it. It was a relief to leave to be honest but I did get against my will a good basic education for which I am grateful.

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