Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Reading half a book

I only really read books when I am on holiday. I find so many other things to do when I am at home I really don't get around to reading especially as I like to read the book pretty well all through. I can generally read a book in a day or day and a half.

For some reason I started to read a book yesterday. It was about a Ship of War during the Wars with the French. The first three chapters were good as the ship tried to outrun two French Frigates.

Then the next couple of chapters were about a family at home in England. Basically the affairs of three sisters in what probably passes as romance.  Now if I wanted to read a period novel about the affairs of a middle class family I would choose one of the Bronte Sisters.

Not to be be put off I decided to read half the book and skip all the chapters that were about three sisters. And it worked. The painting was done a good number of years back as an exercise and is based on the clippers by Montague Dawson.

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