Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Sea Birds and Colours

This is an old atmospheric watercolour I did of sea birds and sea mist. We are still in the throws of re-decorating and have a lot to do so no opportunity at the moment for a wander into the studio. I do have a new commission on the blocks but there is no rush with that.

Talking of  decorating we had a new radiator fitted yesterday in a room Alex had just repainted throughout. The plumber asked me if we had any of the paint left over as there were marks and holes left from the old radiator.
I had a quick run through the various pots of paint and left him with the appropriate one. I came back a little while later to find a large patch of gloss paint of a similar hue  in the middle of the wall.

Aghh. "I think I gave you the wrong paint." I cried.
"Yes but who is going to tell Alex?" He asked.

We all make mistakes but somehow Alex feels I make more than anyone else. She was quite unimpressed.

Link who remembers Donovan and Joan Baez  ?

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