Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Terms of Endearment

The painting above of the Queen at the Waverely Stores, Carmarthen, was just something I did for Sue the owner. The Queen and the Duke didn't actually go there but maybe they should have.

Anyway we have been away for a few days in Ludlow and the place was occupied by a good number of "Midlanders", Brummies , Black Country ... I like the accent but Alex is less keen.

Now when I was growing up it was customary for the bus conductress to refer to everyone as,"Luv."
Similarly in shops it was,"Luv or Sweetheart." Nowadays there is a drive to sanitise the language and remove all terms of endearment from casual conversation on the basis that they are sexist...or whatever.

Well I was never offended by being called, "Luv or Sweetheart." in fact I find it reassuringly friendly and warming. So when we went to Ludlow and found ourselves still reffered to as, "Luv or Bab," it was conforting to know that the process of sterilising the language had not yet reached the Midlands.

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