Sunday, 21 August 2016

Colour Palette

Whenever I look at a painting I always tend to break it down. trying to understand how an artist has made it. How they arrived at the composition and what palette of colours they used.

I have often experimented with differing colour palettes and produced many boards with experimental variations over the years. A limited palette is key to my mind in producing a successfull painting.

I have even tried  the Zorn palette occasionally, but not particulalry successfully. The Zorn palette is the name for the very limited palette used by Anders Zorn (1860- 1920). It comprised of a black a white and probably cadmium red and yellow ochre.

Now I choose my palette according to my subject but from a small range of hues, generally no more than half a dozen including Titanium White and no black.

Yesterday I walked to town as usual to get our food shopping from Lidl's. I was standing in the crowded checkout loading my basket when the cashier said, "Is that Desmond Dekker?"
Finally I realised everyone was looking at me and it dawned on me it was my phone!

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