Thursday, 23 June 2016

Heulwen Steaming

The above painting of Heulwen a sadle tank engine on the Gwili Railway sold last week. It had been a wet couple of days when I saw her steaming in Bronwydd Station. The reflections did it for me.

Alex and I have been away for a couple of weeks in the Cotswolds but are now back with a meadow surrounding the house. I have always enjoyed visiting the galleries in London even the Tate Modern. I do "get" some of the work but then again most of it passes me by. I think I find it hard to appreciate something that requires no technical ability. I suppose I like going because sometimes there are things that do appeal to me and I go in hope more than expectation. Some of the exhibitions in the Turbine Hall have been to my liking eg. Rachel Whitebread and Ai Weiwei porcelain sunflowers seeds.

Unfortunately from the previews of the Tate Modern Extension I am only likely to grumble and mutter if I go in there at the moment.

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