Sunday, 26 June 2016

A walk over the top - nearly

This morning Jac and I decided to take a walk through the woods and back down over Penlanffos. The path was pretty much over grown in places and a bit slippy underfoot on the way up through the woods but quite passable.

We got to the top and came out on the track where we saw our nemesis. yes the cattle were out in force on the 400yd stretch between us and the cattle grid. I looked at Jac he looked at me, the cattle gave us the "Make my day," look. Now we have had a run in on two occasions with them last year but now was the time to man up. Yes we turned around and went back despite having covered 3/4 of the walk.

The painting at the top is sold but depicts a time when the cattle were less territorial about their space.

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