Sunday, 5 November 2017

The Lesser of Two Easels

Just to frighten the children here is a photo of me in my "studio". It is not a large studio  but has excellent light. I tend to have three easels on the go at any one time and own 6 different types of easel along with two pochade boxes. Incidentally I am getting rid of the studio easel on the left in the picture to free up some space. So if anyone is interested and can collect £30 will do it.

 A pint mug of tea and the radio will keep me going for three or four hours. I should say it is probably not a good idea to eat or drink when using oil paints. I paint with the window open to reduce the fumes, even so Jac lies just outside the door and only ventures in to tell me it is time for his walk and then he tends to sneeze. You can see I am quite a clean painter but my jumpers are always my oldest and I have been known to answer the door or even go to Town with a blue or red streak of paint on my face or in my hair.

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