Saturday, 11 April 2015

Running free

This is one of the commissions I did earlier this year. It is set overlooking the Towy Estuary.

I was contacted the other day to ask if I was interested in being placed in a magazine with articles on Carmarthenshire. My initial feeling was no but I thought I would consider it even if briefly and told the young lady to phone back. I looked up the magazine and in fairness the quality of the previous editions and artistic content was okay and the cost wasn't prohibitive. I was not certain that it would gain me a great deal however as the target area was not really relevant and to be honest I am not sure I want a lot more work. Anyway I rang  a couple of the artists who had previously subscribed and they suggested that it would be better not to do it. So to cut a long story short I declined.

There are better ways to reach your target customers, well certainly as far as I am concerned. When I started out I had 10,000 leaflets printed and delivered them door to door myself, across the area. We held exhibitions across South and Mid/West Wales. I set up a website very early on and later set about a daily blog. This has given me a reasonable local and web presence at virtually no cost. So generally I don't advertise through magazines or papers although I have tried it in the past. I wouldn't rule it out maybe for an exhibition who knows never say never but I would go into it in depth.

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